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Meet the Curators iii: Ed Meziani


Back to Life

Ed Meziani on designing EXHIBITION.

Nestled within the iconic Grade II listed building St George’s House on Museum Street, breathing life back into our new home has been a passion project for the whole team. And none more so than for Ed Meziani – our very own interior designer in chief, illustrator and all round top lad.

Taking on the 400 capacity venue was a gargantuan task, and we couldn’t think of a better person to bring on board. Ed has overseen the entire project for 18 months from drawing up floor plans and sourcing raw materials, to seeking out vintage and salvaged lighting and furniture.


Built on the original site of the Manchester Natural History Museum, St George’s House was designed by architects Woodhouse, Corbett, and Dean in 1911 as a YMCA. The building features the first major use in the country of the Kahn reinforced-concrete system – something that Ed wanted to pay homage to.

“When we started ripping out [the old interior] we were revealing these hugely over-specced columns which just looked absolutely fantastic”.

The stripped back interiors aim to show off the industrial past of the space, accentuated with stone furnishings and ash-tone elements. Patterned upholstery and brighter colour tones from the greenery and branded menus provide contrast in the space.

“One thing I am particularly pleased with is the kitchen porcelain wall tiles, supplemented by warm lighting. The existing massive concrete columns within the space have also been highlighted to create another key feature with brass up down wall lights. In addition, I’m really happy with the slatted ash dark stained seating which I think looks great.”


In a nod to the site’s past as a Museum, Exhibition will display a new local artist’s work every season. There are currently seven works on display by Season I’s first chosen artist, Moderate Realism (read more here). Artwork by Ed himself also features – check the hand drawn signage above each kitchen and outside the venue.

A design favourite so far has been our gigantic mirror ball – pulling the space together and bringing the party vibes, every single night. Is it the biggest in Manchester? Come take a look and judge for yourself…

Exhibition is open now. Book your table + follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop.